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Beginning March 8th, 2021 and continuing until approximately April 12th, 2021 the Neuse Regional Water and Sewer Authority and all of its member utilities will temporarily change the disinfectant used in the water treatment process from chloramines to chlorine.

Since March 2009, NRWASA and its members, including the Town of Grifton, have used chloramines, which are a mixture of chlorine and ammonia, as the disinfectant in the water treatment process. Chloramines are an effective disinfectant and also reduce the level of byproducts that are regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. State drinking water guidelines recommend that water systems using chloramines periodically switch back to free chlorine for a minimum of four consecutive weeks. This brief scheduled change in disinfectant is a standard water treatment practice to keep water mains clean and free of potentially harmful bacteria throughout the year.

During the temporary switch to free chlorine, customers may notice a slight change in the taste or smell of their tap water. The mild chlorine taste and smell is normal and poses no health risk. Most customers will not need to take any precautions as the water remains safe to drink and is treated according to both state and federal standards. People and businesses that normally take special precautions to remove chloramines from tap water, such as dialysis centers, medical facilities and aquatic pet owners, should continue to take the same precautions during the temporary switch from chloramines to free chlorine.

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