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Town of Grifton was awarded a $980,400.00 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) from the NC Division of Water Infrastructure in July 2021 to undertake water system improvements in the Town. The proposed work will generally include approximately 6,330 LF of 2-inch GI line to be replaced with 6-inch PVC, while approximately 1,080 LF of 6-inch GI line will be replaced with 6-inch PVC. In addition, the project will also include the addition of 14 new fire hydrant assemblies on the new 6-inch water mains. Approximately 76 existing water services scheduled to be replaced will also be replaced to the right-of-way. Asphalt repair, miscellaneous cleanup and earthwork will also be included in the project, concentrated around water main replacement activities.
Project Scope
The project scope is anticipated to involve the following professional consulting services:
1. Preliminary Engineering Report and Environmental Assessment
2. Field Survey, Engineering Design and Bidding
3. Construction Administration and Resident Project Representative Services
4. Funding Agency Administration
Project Schedule
The following timeframes as outlined by the NCDEQ Letter of Intent to Fund should be considered by the Consultant for planning purposes:
1. Submit Preliminary Engineering Report December 1, 2021
2. Preliminary Engineering Report Approval May 2, 2022
3. Bid and Design Package Submittal November 3, 2022
4. Bid and Design Package Approval March 1, 2023
5. Advertise, Bid, Submit Bid Package, and Receive ATA July 3, 2023
6. Execute Construction Contract(s) August 1, 2023
The Qualifications Package should consist of a bound document including a cover letter and the tabbed sections described below. Due to demands on the time of Town staff, the submittal is limited to fifteen (15) single-sided pages and all pages should be numbered. Sub-tabs or dividers are acceptable within the required tabs and do not count toward the page limit. One (1) original and two (2) copies of the Qualification Package are due to the Town of Grifton 528 Queen Street no later than Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 5:00 PM.
Cover Letter
Describe the consultant’s interest in working with the Town of Grifton. Summarize the content of the proposal, and identify a contact person for questions during the RFQ selection process, providing contact information including telephone number, email and postal address.
Tab 1 – Consultant Profile
1. Consultant Profile – Identify the legal entity that would enter into the contract with the Town and include location of company headquarters, location of local office, type of business (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation), state of incorporation or organization, and the name and title of the person authorized to enter into an agreement. For proposed sub-consultants, please provide the name of each consultant, the office location, contact name and telephone number, and each consultant’s qualifications supporting the respective services to be provided.

2. Similar Experience – A list of 3-5 similar municipal engineering projects with a brief description of the project and a description of the team’s involvement on the project. All descriptions should include date services were performed, total project cost, contact name and phone number of individual representative possessing knowledge of the consultant’s work, and overall total project timeframe.

3. Conflict of Interest – Provide a statement regarding the consultant’s or sub-consultant’s possible conflicts of interest for any services to be performed.
Tab 2 – Project Approach
Describe the project team’s approach to identifying, evaluating and preparing a scope of work for the wastewater distribution system. The project approach should describe proposed evaluation methodologies and use of specialized tools or equipment.

Tab 3 – Project Team
1. Organizational Chart – A list of staff selected to work on the project with their qualifications (including sub-consultants). Include for each key member of the team:
o Title;
o Roles and responsibilities, including those projects identified under Tab 1;
o Professional registrations and certifications;
o Office location;
Scoring of the Qualifications Packages by the Town’s staff will be conducted as follows: Scoring Criteria Max Points
Consultant’s Profile and Experience with Similar Projects 25
Project Approach 40
Project Team Experience 25
Familiarity with Locality 10
The Town will review submitted qualifications packages and select the most qualified firm to enter negotiations. The Town reserves the right to make no formal selection at this time. All expenses associated with response to this RFQ are the responsibility of the responder.
All questions about this RFQ are preferred in writing with submittal to Mark Warren, Interim Town Manager at [email protected]. Alternately, Mr. Warren may be reached at the Town Hall at 252-524-5168.

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