The Mission of the Grifton Police Department is to perform our duties and fulfill our responsibilities of enforcing the law, preserving the peace and providing police services so that we improve the quality of life for all citizens within our jurisdiction consistent with the goals and missions of the town of Grifton.


Call 911 to report an emergency.

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6881 S Highland Blvd.
Suite #B
Grifton, NC 28530

Phone: (252) 524-4161


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policechiefI am very excited and humbled to have been selected as the Chief of Police for the Town of Grifton. I am committed to serving my fellow residents to the best of my ability. Our mission is to help make the Town of Grifton a safe place to live and work by forming partnerships with its citizens and businesses.

Our priority is not just writing a crime report after a crime has occurred; it is working with the community to prevent crime and to solve community problems.

I invite you to become our partners in making your neighborhood a better place to live as our community continues to grow.

The men and women of the Grifton Police Department look forward to meeting our upcoming challenges and providing the community with excellence in law enforcement services.

Bryan P. Cauley, Chief of Police for the Town of Grifton



We the members of the Grifton Police Department are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards. We are accountable for our actions to both the community and to each other. We foster trust by being honest, fair and sincere.


We the members of the Grifton Police Department are dedicated to providing quality police services by being well trained, motivated and disciplined officers. We serve as role models to the community through our actions.


We the members of the Grifton Police Department are respectful to our fellow citizens. We are sensitive to the thoughts and needs of everyone. We treat people with dignity and respect in a manner that we would want to be treated. We show compassion and understanding.


We the members of the Grifton Police Department earn the trust of the community by adhering to our core values of integrity, professionalism and respect. We promote trust by our strong moral values, and our firm belief in honesty and reliability.


The Grifton Police Department will adhere to its core values and fulfill its mission by establishing and working towards accomplishing the goals set forth by our mission statement. These priorities will set the direction for the department and guide its programs and actions towards:

  • Enhancing the quality of life for all citizens, and reduce criminal activity and the conditions that foster crime and the fear of crime;
  • Improving community trust, interaction, involvement, and accountability;
  • Enhancing roadway safety;
  • Enhancing agency efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Provide a work environment that attracts and retains a diverse group of quality personnel,
  • Reward excellence, and enhance the skills of and opportunities for all personnel.

Community – Problem – Oriented Policing

A new philosophy of police work is based on the realization that the majority of all police time is spent answering the same type of calls at the same locations. Officers use analysis to determine the underlying causes of these repeat calls and strive to utilize whatever resources are available to better resolve the problems.

Ride – Along

If you are at least 18 years old and a town resident and you have an interest in law enforcement, you are eligible to participate in the ride along program. This program enables all citizens to accompany an officer and observe first hand the duties of an officer.

The New Law Enforcement

No longer is law enforcement simply a horse, a gun and a handshake. The 21st century has brought many new advances in training and equipment. Grifton Police Department strives to provide the most up to date training and equipment to better give officers a fighting chance on the street. It is with this training and equipment and with the cooperation of concerned citizens that helps provide the best environment for our community.


Participating in a neighborhood watch group or improvement committee

  • Volunteering at a neighborhood school or youth organization
  • Staying informed and getting involved in community issues that matter to you
  • Being an observant, caring and considerate neighbor
  • Volunteering with the Police Department
  • Becoming active in other service organizations